CODE is a volunteer group of lab members dedicated to expanding our Community Outreach and Diversity Efforts. The CODE Committee was formed in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which encouraged us to reevaluate how we, an institution in The Bronx, serve the Black and other POC communities of The Bronx. We aim for our efforts to increase these populations’ general trust in science and their interest in pursuing careers in STEM. Moreover, we intend for our work to uphold the CNL as an institution which prioritizes inclusivity for individuals of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.



Since its formation in June 2020, following #ShutDownSTEM, the CODE Committee has identified three initiatives in line with its core mission. They are as follows:

Material Monitoring: The Material Monitoring group regularly inspects the waiting area and testing spaces within the lab, in addition to online recruitment materials and participant surveys to ensure the physical environment and online presence of the CNL maintains an environment of inclusivity. This group is currently revising our enrollment form to include space for participants to include their current gender identity and their preferred pronouns.​

Code Camp: The Code Camp program was designed to introduce coding instruction to high school students in the South Bronx. Our team, in collaboration with community organizations within the South Bronx, is currently designing the first Code Camp event, which will take place in Summer 2021. 

Feedback Loop: The responsibilities of the Feedback Loop team involve actively seeking input from participants, colleagues, and community members, and implementing their feedback into CNL operations. This group is currently working on inputting an "inclusivity suggestion box" into the CNL waiting room, which would allow participants to anonymously share their thoughts with us.


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