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EEG lab manager & data analyst

Douwe Horsthuis is the EEG lab manager and a data analyst at the CNLx. His training is in Education and he worked in the Netherlands as an elementary school teacher.

Douwe’s responsibilities in the Lab are multifaceted, ranging from administrative and organizational procedures to electrophysiological and eye-tracking data collection, data analyses, and coding of paradigms and of analytical pipelines. Douwe is familiar with different programming languages.

He is involved in various projects and works with adults and children in several clinical (such as: autism, schizophrenia, 22Q11.DS, cystinosis, RETT) and non-clinical populations.


Data science website


Francisco, A. A., Foxe, J. J., Horsthuis, D. J., & Molholm, S. (2022). Early visual processing and adaptation as markers of disease, not vulnerability: EEG evidence from 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome, a population at high risk for schizophrenia. Schizophrenia, 8(1), 1-12.

Francisco, A.A., Foxe, J.J., Horsthuis, D.J., DeMaio, D., & Molholm, S. (2020). Assessing auditory processing endophenotypes associated with Schizophrenia in individuals with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. Translational Psychiatry, 10(1), 1-11.


Francisco, A.A., Foxe, J.J., Horsthuis, D.J., & Molholm, S. (2020). Electrophysiological evidence for impaired auditory sensory memory in Cystinosis despite typical sensory processing: An MMN investigation. NeuroImage: Clinical, 102170. 

Francisco, A. A., Horsthuis, D. J., Popiel, M., Foxe, J. J., & Molholm, S. (2020). Atypical response inhibition and error processing in 22q11. 2 Deletion Syndrome and Schizophrenia: Towards neuromarkers of disease progression and risk. NeuroImage: Clinical, 102351.

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