My training is in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. My current work focuses on characterizing brain function in rare genetic (22q11.2 deletion syndrome and cystinosis) and neuropsychiatric (schizophrenia) conditions. I focus on different processes (executive function, sensory processing) and mainly utilize EEG and neurocognitive tools to inform my research. My all-encompassing goal is to engage in efforts that are truly meaningful and clearly impact the populations I work with. Community outreach, translation of findings, and science communication are integral parts of what I do. 


I enjoy statistics and am an average coder, shamelessly pro-R.

I am co-founder of CODE and co-editor of the CNL, the lab's newsletter

Teaching is fun! I am an adjunct at Yeshiva University, teaching science of cognitive and affective function.

I am a photographer [www.anafrancis.co/photography], and proud to be part of the Bronx Documentary Center. 

Most of my projects attempt to deconstruct ideas about mental health and illness. 

Current CV:



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