EEG lab manager, study coordinators & research technicians

Douwe Horsthuis is the EEG lab manager at the Sheryl and Daniel R. Tishman Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory in the Department of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His training is in Education and he worked in the Netherlands as an elementary school teacher. Douwe’s responsibilities in the Lab are multifaceted, ranging from administrative and organizational procedures to electrophysiological and eye-tracking data collection.

He is involved in various projects and works with adults and children in several clinical (such as: autism, schizophrenia, 22Q11.DS, cystinosis, RETT) and non-clinical populations.

Alaina is a study coordinator for multiple EEG projects at our lab exploring multi-sensory integration in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She recently graduated from SUNY Binghamton University with a degree in Integrative Neuroscience and has previously worked in research targeting the screening for and diagnosis of ASD. At the CNL, she assists with recruitment and data collection for our EEG studies. In the future, she intends to become a developmental pediatrician and continue to work with children on the Autism spectrum. In her free time, she enjoys baking and watching stand-up comedy!

Tracie is currently the Autism Center for Excellence (ACE) Study Coordinator, where she coordinates and manages the ACE project that seeks to diversity the genetic information of autism spectrum disorders among Autistic individuals of African descent and understand their diagnostic odysseys. Ms. Ebalu received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Vermont in 2013 and spent some time as a Research Coordinator in Boston and Mannheim, Germany. For the ACE project, Tracie’s responsibilities include recruitment and scheduling, administering clinical interviews, data management, as well as performing data collection for some of the lab’s EEG studies. Tracie is interested in research focused on cognitive neurodevelopment in healthy and atypical children and youth. In her spare time, Tracie enjoys solo-travelling, cooking, swimming, salsa dancing, and playing volleyball.

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