The Human Clinical Phenotyping Core (HCP) is part of the Rose F. Kennedy Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, with the ultimate purpose of facilitating human research on intellectual and developmental disabilities in a cost-effective manner.​​


provide sophisticated phenotyping of participants for RFK-IDDRC investigators, including evaluations of cognition, language, behavior and clinical diagnosis, all performed by our highly qualified clinicians

facilitate diversity in research by recruiting from the local Bronx community

maintain an extensive research-participant database (currently containing over 1700 participants) to service important IDD research endeavors

develop cutting-edge measures of IDD-relevant phenotypes, such as repetitive movements and multisensory processing

Resources & Services

internet-accessible deidentified participant registry database

participant recruitment

research-grade clinical diagnosis

neuropsychological testing

evaluation of peripheral and central auditory processing

collection of biosamples

assistance with IRB applications for studies involving children

the HCP