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John J. Foxe, Ph.D

CNL Founder & Ongoing Collaborator

Dr. John Foxe, the Founding Director of the CNL, is a translational researcher with more than 20 year of experience studying developmental disorders such as schizophrenia and autism. The core mission of his research is to understand the underlying biological mechanisms of these diseases, with the goal of developing more effective treatments and interventions.

Before joining the faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he served for six years as the director of the Ph.D. program in Cognitive Neuroscience at The City College of New York.  He received his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1999 and his M.S. in Neuroscience in 1996.

Dr. Foxe was recently appointed research director of the DelMonte Neuromedicine Institute (DNI) and the Kilian J. and Caroline F. Schmitt Chair of the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, but remains a part of the CNL team as an ongoing collaborator.

Selected publications

Wilson, T.J., Gray, M.J., Van Klinken, J.W., Kaczmarczyk, M., Foxe, J.J. (2018) Macronutrient composition of a morning meal and the maintenance of attention throughout the morning. Nutritional neuroscience 21 (10), 729-743.

Mazaheri, A., Slagter, H.A., Thut, G., Foxe, J.J. (2018) Orchestration of brain oscillations: principles and functions. European Journal of Neuroscience 48 (7), 2385-2388.

Malcolm, B.R., Foxe, J.J., Butler, J.S., Molholm, S., De Sanctis, P. (2018). Cognitive load reduces the effects of optic flow on gait and electrocortical dynamics during treadmill walking. Journal of neurophysiology 120 (5). 2246-2259.

Foxe, J.J., Molholm, S., Baudouin, S.J., Wallace, M.T. (2018) Explorations and perscpectives on the neurobiologibal bases of autism spectrum disorder. European Journal of Neuroscience 47 (6), 488-496.

Freedman, E.G., Foxe, J.J. (2018). Eye movements, sensorimotor adaptation and cerebellar-dependent learning in autism: toward potential biomarkers and subphenotypes. European Journal of Neuroscience 47 (6), 549-555.

Freedman, E.G., Molholm, S., Gray, M.J., Belyusar, D., Foxe, J.J. (2017). Saccade adaptation deficits in developmental dyslexia suggest disruption of cerebellar-dependent learning. Journal of neurodevelopmental disorders 9 (1), 36.

Foxe, J.J., Bolam, J. P. (2017). On open access, special issues and strategies for increasing the readership of your neuroscience research. European Journal of Neuroscience 46 (12), 2791-2792.

Bolam, J.P., Foxe, J.J., Molholm, S. (2017). Transparent review at the European Journal of Neuroscience: experiences one year on. European Journal of Neuroscience 46 (11), 2647-2647.

Beker, S., Foxe, J.J., Molholm, S. (2017). Ripe for solution: delayed development of multisensory processing in autism and its remediation. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews.

Helmreich, D.L., Bolam, J.P., Foxe, J.J. (2017) The European Journal of Neuroscience's mission to increase the visibility and recognition of women in science. European Journal of Neuroscience 46 (9), 2427-2428.

Ross, L.A., Del Bene, V. A., Molholm, S., Woo, Y.J., Andrade, G.N., Abrahams, B.S., Foxe, J.J. (2017). Common variation in the autism risk gene CNTNAP2, brain structural connectivity and multisensory speech integration. Brain and Language 174, 50-60.

Wakim, K.M., Molloy, C.J., Bell, R.P., Ross, L. A., Foxe, J.J. (2017). White Matter changes in hiV+ Women with a history of cocaine dependence. Frontiers in neurology 8, 562.

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