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Job Opportunities

Clinical Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Clinical Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity in the IDDRC Human Clinical Phenotyping Core/Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY. We're offering exciting opportunities to work with children and adolescents presenting with a diverse range of intellectual and developmental disabilities (including NIH-funded studies of children on the autism spectrum, research involving children with typical development, and with individuals with rare diseases such as 22q11 2 deletion syndrome and Cystinosis). The fellow will be overseen by a licensed clinical neuropsychologist and will receive substantial training and abundant experience in the administration of assessments that constitute our various study batteries. The postdoc will be an integral member of the Human Clinical Phenotyping Core of our NICHD funded IDDRC, where they will contribute significantly to our phenotyping services. In turn, they will lend their expertise to the collective guidance of the lab’s students and staff. They will also have the opportunity to be involved in research.


​PhD/PsyD in related field. Familiarity with administration, testing, scoring and report writing is a plus. Demonstrated experience in working with children and adolescents, including experience working with children with developmental disabilities; experience with children on the Autism Spectrum is a plus. Familiarity with autism diagnostic tools (ADOS-2 and ADI-R) is preferred but not requisite. Prior experience working in a research environment. Understanding of DSM-V diagnostic procedures. Fluency in Spanish a plus. Two-year commitment to position preferred.

To apply, please send CV and cover letter to Christina Coleman at, who will review with the lab's director, Dr. Sophie Molholm.

We welcome resumes for possible research opportunities that may arise in the future.


Please email your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your research interests to and keep an eye on this page for future job postings!

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