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short-term sensory plasticity as an endophenotype
for schizophrenia


The purpose of this study is to investigate differences in brain responses between individuals with and without schizophrenia. This will be done by testing if different ways of stimulating parts of the brain differ between  the two groups. Electrical brainwave activity will be recorded. These recordings, known as electroencephalography (EEG) are non-invasive and painless. The recordings will be taken while participants sit in a comfortable chair and look at a computer monitor that will display several different types of stimuli or listen to tones while watching a muted movie. The resulting EEG brainwaves are then analyzed using a computer and the outputs of the analysis are compared between the groups. The study aims to obtain sensitive measures of differences in brain function between individuals with and without schizophrenia. A better understanding of this could allow for the development of improved drug treatments for schizophrenia, improved classification of schizophrenia subtypes and earlier diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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