trainees & interns

Nathaniel (Netanel) Paley, B.S.

Nathaniel (Netanel), a graduate of Yeshiva University, is a research trainee of Dr. Sophie Molholm in the CNL. He is currently developing the first known experimental paradigm to assess the utility of visual and auditory object-based attention in people with autism spectrum disorder. He plans to go on to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology, with a focus on ASD and intellectual and developmental disabilities, and hopes to eventually work with people with these conditions in both clinical and educational settings. In addition to his work at the CNL, Nathaniel is a research assistant of Dr. Aleksandra Djukic of Children's Hospital at Montefiore, where he studies visual selective attention and its correlation to measures of autonomic function in girls and young women with Rett syndrome. Additional research interests of Nathaniel's include inner speech and situation modeling in people with ASD, and developing neuropsychological assessments that more precisely evaluate each individual's unique gifts and strengths. 

Emily Bates

Emily is an undergraduate at Fordham University studying psychology and anthropology. She is a student trainee under the direction of Sophie Molholm on the ACE and Intervention research studies. Emily's research interests include autism spectrum disorders, developmental disability, and intellectual disability. In her spare time, Emily can be found baking any recipe she can find on Pinterest!

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